• Innovation Now

    With the Innovation Success Rate typically less than 10 % , there are huge benefits to quickly identify, roll-out and evolve new services that matter (and get past those that don’t) ! Visit CAIL Mobile ROI page to see how!… [More]

    Innovation Now
  • Mobile Now

    CAIL enables organizations to expand business capabilities with new reports or services on Mobile devices or at the Desktop – fast. Contact Us for more insights on moving your business forward,  or  information on realizing the benefits with Mobile.  

    Mobile Now
  • Integrated Solution

    CAIL Mobile supports your security policy and choice of MDM, if any , to utilize your BYOD solution. Even though we make core security tools such as encrypting data on the device, in transition and at- rest, you have your… [More]

    Integrated Solution
  • Enterprise Mobility Demystified!

    Learn how CAIL Mobile Solution enables you to get access to various data sources, aggregate and combine the content as you wish and publish it to mobile with one click.   Access to various sources of data in your organization… [More]

    Enterprise Mobility Demystified!
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