wFit: Health Solution

                                  wFit for Fitness Use wFit to enhance corporate wellness programs with an App and seamless plug-and-play health and fitness technology bundle that enables employees to easily monitor and manage their … [Read more...]

Enterprise Mobility Demystified!

Learn how CAIL Mobile Solution enables you to get access to various data sources, aggregate and combine the content as you wish and publish it to mobile with one click. Access to various sources of data in your organization can be a challenging task, not mentioning processing the data and making the data available on mobile. While there have been a number of solutions offered in the market … [Read more...]

Innovation Now

With the Innovation Success Rate typically less than 10 % , there are huge benefits to quickly identify, roll-out and evolve new services that matter (and get past those that don't) ! Visit CAIL Mobile ROI page to see how!   … [Read more...]


Doc-2-App converts a document to an App by using an easy and intuitive web page. A document can be uploaded from your desktop, imported from a URL or sent to the system via email. The imported document gets converted to an App with its own pages. Then the App can be further edited by adding new pages, changing the design, look and feel and new content. ATTRIBUTES Works on any web … [Read more...]

VentureBeat Interview with CAIL Mobile

As revenues from mobile grow, so does the urgent pace for business innovation. According to CAIL’s Ron Thompson, it’s about creating and testing multiple mobile apps fast. He’s talking about creating 10 apps over a couple of weeks, rolling them out to 10 to 50 users, and after a month, going forward with only the one or two that get traction, and killing the rest. Do it again the next … [Read more...]

CAIL Mobile Design Platform

  [tab: Overview] If you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation, With CAIL Mobile Design Platform you can create Apps. That simple! CAIL Mobile,  simplifies and fast tracks the process of developing new Mobile Services or Apps by enabling you to quickly design the reports you want to see on Tablets or Smartphones - with information from selected or many sources or systems. The … [Read more...]