Time spent using Apps on the rise

On average, an iPhone user opens their device 80 times a day and Android users average 76 sessions a day.  That means during waking hours, mobile users open their phone about once every 13 minutes.  Further, the amount of time spent using Apps has risen 20.5% in the past 6 months, according to Opera Mediaworks. While Q1 2016 saw people spending an average of 30 minutes with the 100 top Apps, … [Read more...]

Popular Mobile Financial Apps

The financial services industry is changing.  In addition to improving Bank personnel productivity with Apps, Banks are extending Customer self-serve capabilities with new Mobile Services,  reducing tellers, downsizing / changing layouts / closing branches, etc.  An important reason for this is that increasingly people want to manage their affairs, including finances, online rather than making … [Read more...]

Why Banks Are Making More Apps

.... to benefit from the increasing use of mobile for information, transactions, etc. Think of it as living together before getting married.  A couple of financial institutions have recently created Apps to anyone as a way of engaging with people through their phones. The institutions are hoping that the Apps will build trust with their users  -  and those users will eventually become … [Read more...]

Enterprise Mobile Survey : Business People are Driving Initiatives

Business people are increasingly taking over the direction of enterprise mobile development initiatives according to a recent survey from Red Hat that builds on a previous survey published early this year titled "Red Hat Mobile Maturity Survey, 2015"  With this survey polling 200 line-of-business (LOB) decision makers and 200 IT decision makers from U.S. and Western European private sector … [Read more...]

The Rise of Enterprise Mobility

Because people expect the same capabilities, seamless operation, and a great User experience in the workplace as they enjoy at home - change is in the air.  A change that took root in living rooms at home is impacting boardrooms in business.  That change is the emergence of Enterprise Mobility.  Enterprise Mobility is a strategic initiative because of the significant benefits and convenience … [Read more...]

Rise of the ” Enterprise App Store “

With the increasing demand for information, the need for agility, the proliferation of devices (Mobile, Laptops and Desktops),  the convenience of Mobile,  the expectation that many tasks can be performed on a Smartphone or Tablet, etc. -  the times are changing ! Respecting this, Enterprise Apps expand business opportunities by recognizing the power and convenience of mobile - that is … [Read more...]

The Need for ” an Enterprise App for that “

" There's an App for that " has helped sell millions of iPhones.  Apple's slogan, featured in iconic advertisements and seared into our brains, foretold the world we live in today, where user-friendly mobile applications perform a specific function -  exceptionally well. The problem, from the business perspective today (years later),  is " an Enterprise App for that " isn't true in many … [Read more...]

Mobile APIs Spur Innovation

Making sense of your company's data and creating intuitive APIs is one of the next steps in creating smarter, more mobile enterprises to expand company relevance and revenue. While the world may be swimming in data,  little of it is optimized for mobile consumption, or being utilized in new ways to support business innovation. This is because Mobile is a business tool that delivers high … [Read more...]

Faster Innovation – The Need for Speed

End Users Drive Innovation +  faster deployments of new Mobile Services Increasing business demands and the growing importance of Enterprise Mobile are triggering a need for rapid innovation in the delivery of new services, the deployment of new and many more devices, as well as performing ongoing software upgrades quicker.  This is important for the organization to evolve and for business … [Read more...]

Tips for Enterprise Mobile Success

Introduction With the increasing importance of Enterprise Mobile, organizations are being challenged by the need to better support Business Innovation, provide an increasing number of Mobile Services / APPS as well as evolving existing Services / APPS to increase relevance with Customers, grow revenues, and realize competitive advantage - while prudently managing change and getting a fast … [Read more...]