Mobile Makes it Easier to Order — and Spend — at Restaurants

Restaurants that use tablets for orders, often see more orders of desserts and appetizers — and dessert orders tend to have more coffees. NEW YORK (AP) — Restaurant chains are making it easier to order food with a few taps of the screen. And with the convenience of Mobile Apps, Consumers may lose sight of how much you’re spending !  From the restaurant perspective, digital ordering … [Read more...]

What is needed to make Enterprise App Development more rewarding ?

These days, it’s difficult to avoid interacting with a mobile app, be it at work or at home.  Because of this, mobile budgets are increasing in many organizations.  However, in others they have scaled back their total spending on developing mobile applications - even though the enthusiasm and demand for mobile Apps is there !  This is occurring because many  organizations are still … [Read more...]

The Market for Mobile Apps is in the early stage

Recognizing Mobile Apps are a maturing market, there's much more growth to come.  Usage is continuing to grow at a very strong pace at a global basis especially in emerging markets,. For example, the US market even grew by 12 billion downloads last year.  Further, usage growth in 2015 in 2014 grow by 63% across Android and iOS devices.  Based on an App Annie recently released a report assessing … [Read more...]

Information Relevance, Timeliness and Usability are key in a Mobile Strategy

In many industries the battleground is shifting to the effective use of data to drive corporate strategy, marketing, sales, finance, Customer support, R&D, etc.  In conjunction with this, there is a need for -  quick gratification for the User, a personalized experience, more digital products to increase relevance and revenue, etc.  These changes are most readily seen in companies that … [Read more...]