Why are Enterprise Apps Growing in Importance ?

Why are Enterprise Apps Growing in Importance ? … [Read more...]

Insights on realizing success with Enterprise Apps

Messaging and collaboration Apps are the most valuable since they boost operational efficiency, improve decision making, and provide competitive advantage.  This is according to a new survey of executives commissioned by Adobe where 57 %  of the professionals surveyed said these Mobile Apps are critical to their organizations' success today and for years to come. The survey included responses … [Read more...]

Rise of the ” Enterprise App Store “

With the increasing demand for information, the need for agility, the proliferation of devices (Mobile, Laptops and Desktops),  the convenience of Mobile,  the expectation that many tasks can be performed on a Smartphone or Tablet, etc. -  the times are changing ! Respecting this, Enterprise Apps expand business opportunities by recognizing the power and convenience of mobile - that is … [Read more...]