Why are Enterprise Apps Growing in Importance ?

Why are Enterprise Apps Growing in Importance ? … [Read more...]

Time spent using Apps on the rise

On average, an iPhone user opens their device 80 times a day and Android users average 76 sessions a day.  That means during waking hours, mobile users open their phone about once every 13 minutes.  Further, the amount of time spent using Apps has risen 20.5% in the past 6 months, according to Opera Mediaworks. While Q1 2016 saw people spending an average of 30 minutes with the 100 top Apps, … [Read more...]

App Usage Insights

To attract and retain Users, Apps need to be highly relevant, now  +  evolve and morph to continue being useful - to respect people learn and have different needs over time. .... or risk falling victim to the Mobile Engagement Crisis  -  because the App is not engaging or has very limited appeal -  and the User "clicks away quickly " or " never comes back ". To realize the significant … [Read more...]

App challenges to avoid (and how to fix them)

1.   23% of users abandon an App after just one use! With almost a quarter of Apps being abandoned quickly, suggestions to have more stickiness with Users include - Engage with users. Use onboarding and smart push notification tactics to drive engagement with those new users. Create a killer onboarding process. Set up a great onboarding experience to help users understand how to use … [Read more...]