How Mobile Apps Are Changing Hospitality

The total retail value of the global hotel industry is somewhere north of $425 billion, making it among the 10 largest industry sectors in the world. (It’s even more significant when you consider employment numbers.) As a result of its importance to the economy, the hospitality industry has a long history of people swooping in with brand new, potentially game-changing ideas in an effort to … [Read more...]

Being Better at Business Innovation

The companies thriving in today’s competitive marketplace are some of the most creative.  This is achieved by encouraging a culture of innovation to improve business outcomes - while minimizing the time, effort, costs and risks normally associated with new initiatives or the delivery of new services.  Given the opportunity to increase relevance and revenue by extending business capabilities … [Read more...]

Enterprise Mobility Dominates IT Agenda

Enterprise mobility projects will increase domination of the global IT agenda in 2014—and beyond, according to a recent survey from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange. … [Read more...]