CAIL Mobile Partneres

CAIL has an extensive Partnership Program that enables Partners to deliver superior mobile solutions and fully support Customers.  This includes initiatives to extend corporate capabilities, better support business innovation, and solve complex issues that can occur with Enterprise Mobile.

By taking advantage of CAIL expertise and leveraging CAIL Enterprise Mobile platform capabilities, Partners are better positioned to perform for Customers by producing results quickly and enabling organizations to get more value from the significant investment in current systems. As well, with CAIL / Partner collaboration, the flexibility of CAIL Mobile simplifies the development and deployment of new Mobile Services or Apps –  across the entire enterprise.  In conjunction with the CAIL / Partner Program, Partners benefit with access to the technology, knowledge, expertise, support and training that is needed to be successful.

Partnership Categories:

  • System Integrators: The CAIL Mobile Partnership Program is designed for System Integrators (SIs)  and Value-Add Services who help customers adopt, implement and use CAIL Mobile solutions.
  • Technology Partners: Technology partners are companies who offer solutions complementary to CAIL’s product offering. Examples of such solutions include analytics, infrastructure, data integration and Big Data products.
  • Consulting Partners: Consulting Partners provide consulting, development, and expertise on technologies that are focused on enterprise mobile projects.
  • Reseller/Distributor Partner: Companies that are reselling or distributing CAIL Mobile Solutions, including account management, local training and support.
  • OEM Partners: Launch your enterprise mobile app services under your own brand! If you are a Software vendors or SaaS providers you may become Powered by CAIL and  take full advantage of CAIL’s technologies, so you can effectively address the complexities of enterprise mobile apps for your customers and/or vertical you are addressing.

Become a Partner

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