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CAIL-Mobile-Design-Platform-Intro-1If you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation, With CAIL Mobile Design Platform you can create Apps. That simple!

CAIL Mobile simplifies and fast tracks the process of developing new Mobile Services or Apps by enabling you to quickly design the reports you want to see on Tablets or Smartphones – with information from selected or many sources or systems. The focus is on delivering a great User experience with superior usability, aesthetics, flexibility and quick gratification-when creating or modifying Mobile Services or Apps.

With the advanced CAIL #DCD methodology (Design-Connect-Deploy), Business or IT personnel use built-in forms and processes to create a new Mobile Service / App with drag & drop to display information, make connections, etc, then deploy on a mobile device screens – with one click. This is achieved with intuitive CAIL templates for setup and operational ease of use on the front-end, plus extensive CAIL communications, interfacing and integration capabilities on the back-end – with many information sources, applications, etc.

When coupled with ability to leverage the investment and familiarity with current information services and processes (without changes to back-end systems, This enables a person to create new Apps fast – while minimizing the time, effort, cost and risk. Further, mobile deployments can be scaled quickly with support for popular mobile devices (ie: iOS, Android, Browser support with HTML5, etc.).


The  CAIL  Enterprise  Mobile  Solution  is a software platform with a modular architecture designed to compliment and extend business capabilities – by leveraging the investment in current information services.  In conjunction with the wide spread usage of mobile devices, organizations now have a unique opportunity to innovate and quickly scale – if they can determine what matters and what doesn’t.  To respect this and short “Windows of Opportunity” is why quickly creating and deploying new mobile services is a huge advantage.  Because speed matters, is why CAIL Mobile is relevant.

Further, with extensive CAIL Application Interfacing and Information Integration capabilities, you can have a seamless solution with internal information services as well as third party products – for an easy to use and simplified systems environment.

SmartCity Architecture

CAIL Mobile Smart City Solution
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Combined with extensive CAIL flexibility to address a variety of business and IT requirements, organizations can readily deliver new capabilities on Tablets and Smartphones – internally or added services for Customers and Partners.

While many industries are benefiting by Mobile enabling the organization, CAIL has extensive experience in the following sectors –






  • CAIL Smart Connector: An extensive set of Connectors for system access to a wide variety of data sources including – data bases (e.g. SQL, Oracle, DB2, Microsoft, MySQL, NoSQL, etc.), Web Services, REST, Enterprise Systems (with native access to Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX / Linux, Windows, etc. platforms), Packaged / Third Party Applications, etc. Further, when using the CAIL Connectors for Host access, no additional software or change to the existing systems or application is needed.  And since CAIL Connectors can be readily setup and configured, it’s easy to access the relevant information.   This is important to get more value from IT and build on the resources already in place to facilitate evolving information services and transforming the business.  And better manage change by reducing the time, effort, cost and risk to expand presence in mobile with new reports, services, analytics, etc.
  • CAIL Mobile Application Manager: An advanced, easy to use on-line tool to create, publish and manage Mobile Apps with no coding to a container available on the device. The outcome supports native mobile applications for Android and iOS  (with Windows and Blackberry in the road-map) as well as HTML5 and Hybrid -  to build once and use everywhere
  • CAIL Access Control Manager:  To facilitate ensuring appropriate User access as well as system controls, manageability and security based on the need for access to selected or sensitive information for each data source.   The CACM enables the Mobile App Designer to decide who can use each Mobile Service, what systems each User or App can access,  what functions can and cannot be used (ie: Read Only, Edit, etc.) for any App deployed on the device.
  • CAIL Enterprise App Store :  Have Mobile Services / Apps created by various Designers become available in a single internal store – to enable Users to search, browse and download Apps that been made available to them.
  • CAIL Mobile Visualization Manager:  A rich library of tools supporting various methods for information visualization / rendering.  For example, decide how data should be presented to the end-user including – a form, formatted text, a table, a graph, etc. – on a Mobile device, at the desktop or on the Web.
  • CAIL Interfacing / Integration: A complete set of APIs to integrate in-house applications or third party products. With extensive CAIL interfacing capabilities and the CAIL Mobile modular architecture, organizations can have seamless systems, more comprehensive reporting, better analytics, integrated Mobile Device management (MDM) and/or Security systems. Further, APIs can be used to build custom Mobile Services / Apps in conjunction with CAIL Connectors to get more benefits from enterprise systems – internal and/or external.
  • CAIL Logging & Reporting:   With built-in Logging and Reporting tools, you can effectively manage the Mobile environment with setup and monitoring tools for system uptime, performance, User activity logs, etc.
  • CAIL Mobile Notification Server: To inform Users on new Apps available, updates on existing Mobile Services / Apps, Alerts (business or technical), etc.

With CAIL, you can extend relevance with your Customers, increase revenue, and realize competitive advantage. CAIL Mobile enables you to get more benefits from current information services, improve business agility, as well as better position the organization to identify new opportunities deploy new services, get new Customers, increase revenues, etc. – for better business outcomes.


Be more responsive to new Customer requests or business opportunities, with Business or IT personnel able to extend corporate capabilities on Tablets or Smartphones


Readily access data on various systems (internal and external), without changing the IT environment – to get more value from current information services.


By utilizing advanced CAIL Mobile capabilities that leverages the significant investment and familiarity in current systems and processes – when creating new Mobile Services / Apps


Build Enterprise Mobile Services / Apps that operate the same On-line or Off-line, with data that can be cashed on servers and mobile phones, or not, and can be set based on corporate data policies.


Deliver Mobile Service / Apps that work across popular mobile devices – while minimizing the development time, effort and costs associated with supporting Native Apps (Android, iOS, Windows), HTML5, or Hybrid environments.


Enterprise Security with Mobile: With CAIL interfacing capabilities, utilize current security products and processes for access control, session encryption, authentication, reporting, etc. to include Mobile Services / Apps to satisfy regulatory and corporate compliance requirements – with no Developer intervention.

Enterprise Manageability with Mobile: Simplify Mobile Service post-deployment complexities associated with managing multiple mobile enterprise Apps and devices – by utilizing current System Management products, ensuring that sharing data in the organization adheres to best practices, and all information can be leveraged to address new Customer needs and business opportunities. Contact us for a CAIL Mobile demo to explore your options to improve business capabilities by creating new Mobile Services – fast.


Deployment Models

CAIL Enterprise Mobile Deployment Models:

Cloud-Based, Private Cloud or Appliance

applaince CAIL Mobile Software or Appliance Deployment Your data, your applications at your network behind the firewall, VPN and any other security zone you define. Both server and mobile apps can be hosted on your data centers along with other services and systems hosted. Suitable for enterprises with corporate security and compliance policies in place to manage and protect the data.


public-cloud SaaS : Cloud-Based Deployment A ready-to-go solution, with an on-line registration to start Designing and Publishing Mobile Services / Apps. Decide on what information is to appear on the mobile screen and identify the data sources to setup the CAIL Connector Library. No need for any coding or development to connect to your data sources. The Data Center hosting your data is SAS70 and SAE16 compliance to keep your data safe and secure. Pay-as-you-go based on the number of users and /or Apps. Expand as needed. No fees for setup or installation. Purely cloud.

CAIL Enterprise Mobile Private CloudPrivate Cloud Deployment All the benefits of the Cloud-Based deployment on a virtual server dedicated to your organization. Your data is not shared with any other Database or server instance running. Enjoy all the benefits of Cloud deployment with the exclusive administrator access to the hosted server.


CAIL--Mobility-Hybrid-Cloud-Deployment-ModelHybrid-Cloud Deployment The flexible CAIL Mobile architecture enables you to combine your private cloud with the data sources sitting on a public cloud. This Hybrid model also enables you to directly integrate data from the Public Cloud (e.g. Salesforce) and bring it in-house, to your private network, then combine it with other internal systems and publish it to the target users, internally or externally.

At CAIL, technology is viewed as a means to an end – to solve business problems.

CAIL Mobile Architecture
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For this to occur, it is important to have a scalable, flexible, reliable and highly functional solution that is easy and simple to use (the outside view) yet is a sophisticated platform (the inside view). This is important to provide a great experience – for Business people as well as IT personnel.

Click on the image to see CAIL Mobile Enterprise Architecture

Advanced CAIL Mobile capabilities include:

  • Multichannel Support : CAIL supports popular Smartphones and Tablets (ie: Android, IOS, etc.) as well as next generation mobile-responsive web – HTML5. CAIL can also be used to create Hybrid Mobile APPS
  • Flexible Deployment Models : CAIL Mobile can be deployed On-Premises (traditional licensing) or used as a SaaS or Private Cloud
  • Easy Integration : With extensive connectivity capabilities to current systems, Data Bases, REST, Web Services, Emulation, File Systems, etc. – you can access information from many sources. This makes it easy to define and run queries to retrieve data across the enterprise – that respects heterogeneous system environments with various platforms, numerous applications and services, communication protocols, APIs, etc.
  • Scalability : CAIL Mobile is highly scalable to handle significant transactions, I/O, etc. – by utilizing a range of established and new technologies (ie: NoSQL)
  • Support for Mobile-Device Management / Security / etc. : with extensive CAIL interfacing capabilities and modular architecture, organizations can adhere to Corporate policies pertaining to System Security, MDM, etc. in conjunction with Mobile initiatives and BYOD
  • Third-Party Code and Application Integration: CAIL Mobile provides a platform to build your Mobile APP on the fly ( that includes aggregating content and with information from various services) + enables you to import/integrate third party code and services

Contact Us to learn more about using CAIL to Mobile Enable the Enterprise.


Data Integration List

To get past challenges with connecting to many data sources, CAIL  Mobile  has an extensive  Connector Library to make it easy to access information on many platforms and services.  Further, with support for popular APIs,  organizations can leverage the investment and familiarity with current systems to fast track expanding Mobile capabilities and have more seamless systems.

For those familiar with managing change can appreciate, this is important to facilitate moving the organization forward and supporting business innovation – with quick gratification for Users, while minimizing work, risk and cost.

This includes hundreds of Connectors to enterprise systems for access to various  –  Applications,  Data Bases,  Services,  Social Networks, etc. (on Mainframe, Midrange, UNIX / Linux, Windows, etc. systems).  For example, there are Connectors to SQL type Data Bases (ie: DB2, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.) + SAP + Salesforce + Emulation + file systems + XMLs,  etc.

CAIL Data Integration supports the following third party components, products and operating systems. Support varies across products. For detailed information, please contact us:

 Supported Database and Storage Connectivity

  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon S3
  • AS400
  • DB2
  • Derby DB
  • Exasol
  • eXist-db
  • Firebird
  • Google Storage
  • Greenplum
  • H2
  • Informix
  • Ingres
  • InterBase
  • JavaDB
  • JDBC
  • MaxDB
  • Microsoft OLE-DB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Netezza
  • Oracle
  • ParAccel
  • PostgresSQL
  • PostgresPlus
  • SAS
  • SQLite
  • Sybase
  • Teradata
  • VectorWise
  • Vertica

Supported SaaS and 3rd Party Applications

  • Alfresco
  • Centric CRM
  • Marketo
  • Microsoft CRM and AX
  • Open Bravo
  • SAGE X3
  • SAP
  • SugarCRM
  • Vtiger CRM