CAIL Mobile Healthcare Solution

CAIL enables organizations to –

  •     Develop and deploy new Mobile Services  / Apps – Fast
  •     Integrate and Aggregate information from multiple sources

This is achieved by  –

  •     Quickly  designing and rendering information on Tablets and Smartphones
  •     Utilizing the CAIL Connector Library for system access

Having extensive Interfacing and communications capabilities to back-end systems – including clinical applications, medical devices, etc., CAIL Smart Connectors enable healthcare organizations to have an easy to use, flexible and integrated solution. This is important for quick gratification and a great User Experience.

By using the CAIL Mobile Platform, healthcare providers, payers, payee or life science organizations are able to readily aggregate data from various information sources to get more value from IT,  increase effectiveness and productivity of healthcare personnel, better manage and monitor healthcare delivery, and improve outcomes for patients.

CAIL Mobile Healthcare Solution

In conjunction with this, aggregated data can be exchanged with other systems using APIs or can be published to mobile devices.

Examples of using CAIL Mobile in Healthcare organizations are –

  • Clinical application and device integration, interfacing with Health Level Seven International (HL7)-based information flows.
  • Integration of remote patient monitoring devices.
  • Integration with healthcare-specific tools that accelerate deployments in healthcare organizations.
  • Easy set up and maintenance via advanced configuration and deployment capabilities

With the ability of CAIL Mobile quickly develop new Mobile Services / Apps and leverage the investment in current information services, this enables healthcare organizations to be better at business innovation – by more readily identifying new services that matter from those with limited appeal.  Given the uncertainties with new initiatives, this is important to better managing change by increasing the rewards with innovation while reducing the time, effort, cost and risk.

With a modular architecture, quick screen rendering, Interfacing / API support, and extensive back-end system integration capabilities for easy-to-use seamless information services, CAIL  facilitates extending healthcare services with mobile – by medical or administrative personnel as well as patients.