CAIL Mobile Government Solution

With the increasing and changing demands plus additional regulatory and compliance requirements, there is a growing need to extend Government services with Mobile.

Because of this, it’s important to quickly and easily create and deploy new Mobile Services / Apps – Fast.
With this, and leveraging the investment in current systems and processes is why CAIL Mobile is well suited to move an organization forward.

Further, having the ability to increase the rewards with successful innovation, while reducing the cost and risk – CAIL enables Government to better manage change.

This is achieved with CAIL having the ability to quickly render information on Tablets and Smartphones from a single or multiple sources utilizing extensive Interfacing and communications capabilities to back-end systems. As a result, the organization can expand into Mobile by utilizing current systems and information services as well as security and manageability tools.  In conjunction with this, you can build on the familiarity with existing tools for access control, session encryption, authentication, reporting, etc.  In addition to being able to create and deploy new Mobile Services / Apps quickly, CAIL enables you to simplify Mobile Service post-deployment complexities associated with managing multiple mobile enterprise Apps and devices.

The diagram above  indicates how this occurs with a Security example.To facilitate ensuring appropriate User access as well as system controls, manageability and security based on the need for access to selected or sensitive information for each data source,  the CAIL Access Control Module enables the Mobile App Designer to decide who can use each Mobile Service, what systems each User or App can access,  what functions can and cannot be used (i.e.: Read Only, Edit, etc.) for any App deployed on the device.

This is important for Government agencies dealing with highly sensitive information. In the CAIL data model, each database or data source that integrates with the system is set by the appropriate security level – as defined by the Security Administrator – and is matched with Users’ security level. So only Users with proper security levels may see reports, documents and other types of content – even if it has been made available to them via an App by a manual mistake.

To see a demo of the CAIL Platform and how it can help you to go mobile email or Contact Us.