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CAIL  Overview

Want to learn how to connect and deploy new mobile services with CAIL ?

Create new Apps quickly and easily. Deploy Mobile Services across multiple mobile devices. Utilize information from various systems or data sources with built-in SmartConnectors for back-end system integration.

CAIL Mobile FAQWhat is CAIL Mobile ?The FAQ answers questions on Creating Apps – Fast to make Apps a cornerstone of your Enterprise Mobile strategy to increase business opportunities.
Mobile App – Development Tool OptionsInterested in understanding the different App development tools ?A summary of the important elements and rating of the tools available to develop / create Apps – with Custom Development,  MEAP / MADP product and a ADDP
(App Design & Deploy Platform) product.

The Benefits of Making Apps – Quickly Want insights on why ” Creating Apps – Fast ”  is important ?A summary of the main benefits for Business and IT personnel when both groups can create and deploy Apps – and better position the organization to extend business capabilities with Mobile Services.




Enterprise Mobility: Apps in the Enterprise
Want to learn about the importance of Apps in Enterprise ?Whitepaper on why App Creation is important when addressing future changing business needs.
Mobile Platform Selection: Invest Less, Get More
Want to see the impressive metrics of Creating Apps – Fast ?Whitepaper on the criteria for selecting a mobile platform to create / develop Apps along with various metrics.
Enterprise Mobility: App Development Cost Analysis
Want insights on App Development costs ?This Whitepaper identifies the components and the associated costs to ” Develop / Create ” Apps.
Enterprise Mobility: Mobile App Development Options

Want to further understand your Mobile App Development Options?
This Whitepaper explains your many different options in Mobile Development.