Business Development Executive



Development and execution of Client engagement strategies to drive revenue for the CAIL Enterprise Mobile Solution. Maintain post-sale contact with Customers in order to facilitate a positive and productive long-term relationship. Serve as a resource contact for assigned Customers. Enhance the company’s position and reputation by proactively servicing and corresponding in a dependable and timely manner – within CAIL and with Customers.

Provide insights on Customer issues, needs and opportunities. Assist in developing business development strategy and tactics as well as creating new sales collateral. Enhance the CAIL / Customer relationship by working closely with personnel in the Accounts and within CAIL to increase relevance and address new business opportunities.


  • Mid to Senior level client engagement specialist tasked with driving additional revenue and meeting growth targets in assigned accounts.
  • Facilitate collaboration and communications within the Account as well as CAIL to move projects forward.
  • Research new opportunities and indicate the Go-To-Market strategy for the CAIL Mobile Solution (based on the information at
  • Prepare and present sales product presentations and lead Sales initiatives.
  • Assist in the implementation and execution of products and services by consulting with customers to understand their business issues and goals.
  • Work with customers to develop improved/enhanced solutions to existing and future business needs.
  • Prepare summary reports for Business Development and Sales identifying customer needs and opportunity to secure new business.
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of industry trends, new products, specifications, competitor strengths and weaknesses and communicates new information to CAIL Associates and those making decisions on Enterprise Mobile initiatives.
  • Prepare proposals and effectively present the CAIL Mobile Value Proposition.


  • Self-starter who is – highly competent, confident, collaborative, mature, responsible, curious, energetic and results oriented.
  • Highly Client-focused.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Experienced, disciplined, accountable and highly informed individual with demonstrated ability to perform – for Customers, CAIL and them self.
  • Able to translate previous work experience into very good problem-solving skills and improve business outcomes for Customers with Mobile.
  • Consistently delivers high quality results in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Learns fast and can apply the associated knowledge, processes and procedures to solve problems and improve Customer capabilities (ie: better decision making, expanded relevance with their Customers, generate additional / new revenues, etc.)
  • To fast track sales, while respecting for the traditional business development practices, recognizes the increasing importance of being innovative to find better ways of conveying the importance of Enterprise Mobile, delivering results quickly, as well as the CAIL Value Proposition to increase product appeal.
  • Strong understanding of Business, Mobile and the Enterprise IT environment.
  • Able to utilize various technology tools to complete projects and engage with the Accounts.
  • Requires strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Able to influence decision makers to extend business capabilities with Mobile
  • Can effectively communicate business strategy and the importance of effecting “change” to diverse groups of people – including Executives, Dept Personnel, IT, etc.
  • Strong understanding of business concerns and strategic direction as well as industry trends – to identify and address Client issues.
  • Ability to create and present solutions in a non-technical, highly client-focused manner.
  • Strong understanding of the CAIL Mobile Solution and alternative products.
  • Determination to make good on the significant business opportunity in Enterprise Mobile.


Attractive compensation with excellent incentive package

+ Ability to make a difference in an exciting new area of opportunity

+ Influence in product and business direction

+ Team environment

Email your resume to with the position title in the subject line. Qualified candidates will be contacted. No agency please.


CAIL is an established software company with Customers around the world (  Customers have selected CAIL to improve information services in the areas of Connectivity, Security and to Modernize systems. With CAIL Enterprise Mobile, we are leveraging our expertise at the Desktop to enable Customers extend business capabilities with Tablets and Smartphones. This is a strategy to increase relevance and revenue – for Customers and CAIL.