Retail Brands Need Apps To Succeed

Think of the stores and lunch spots you frequent. Odds are, a few of them, if not more, have a corresponding app. And if you’ve ever used their app, you know it makes for a much more seamless in-store experience from start to finish. For starters, there’s no fiddling with cash or payment. You simply place your phone up to the scanner and voila! You’ve purchased your Venti Soy Latte. Even … [Read more...]

Mobile : App Marketing Insights

For many insights and supporting metrics about marketing Mobile Apps, please go to - Mobile - App Marketing Insights … [Read more...]

Chase banks on rising mobile traffic

JPMC " Chase " is making sure its platforms are mobile-friendly by revamping its website and service offerings to be more customized for mobile and tablet visitors - with new features including simplified bill paying, a revamped search tool and a redesigned homepage. As a result, Chase customers will experience a brand new site after signing into their accounts - due to accommodate the growing … [Read more...]

The Market for Mobile Apps is in the early stage

Recognizing Mobile Apps are a maturing market, there's much more growth to come.  Usage is continuing to grow at a very strong pace at a global basis especially in emerging markets,. For example, the US market even grew by 12 billion downloads last year.  Further, usage growth in 2015 in 2014 grow by 63% across Android and iOS devices.  Based on an App Annie recently released a report assessing … [Read more...]

Enterprise Mobile Survey : Business People are Driving Initiatives

Business people are increasingly taking over the direction of enterprise mobile development initiatives according to a recent survey from Red Hat that builds on a previous survey published early this year titled "Red Hat Mobile Maturity Survey, 2015"  With this survey polling 200 line-of-business (LOB) decision makers and 200 IT decision makers from U.S. and Western European private sector … [Read more...]

Business People Making Apps

Survey finds making Mobile Apps outside the IT Department is growing   While business people initiating projects utilizing technology has sometimes been a challenge for traditional Enterprise IT Departments because of potential security risks and control concerns, a recent study by Canvas indicates the practice is becoming more common.  The survey, which focused on App development within an … [Read more...]

App Adoption : Tips To Acquire Users

Want high awareness for a new app ?   Or considering changing a current App to expand appeal ?   Here are useful guidelines to help you build a bigger and better user base. By 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion, according to Gartner. While this demonstrates an enormous opportunity for mobile app marketers to drive … [Read more...]

Chase moving to Mobile with new ATMs

JPMorgan Chase customers will be able to withdraw more money and in different denominations using their cellphone Soon, losing your ATM card won't be the financial life-stopping event it used to be. Just don't also lose your phone.  JPMorgan Chase customers will soon be able to withdraw cash or initiate other transactions using their cellphone at Chase ATMs being upgraded later this … [Read more...]

The Rise of Enterprise Mobility

Because people expect the same capabilities, seamless operation, and a great User experience in the workplace as they enjoy at home - change is in the air.  A change that took root in living rooms at home is impacting boardrooms in business.  That change is the emergence of Enterprise Mobility.  Enterprise Mobility is a strategic initiative because of the significant benefits and convenience … [Read more...]

Rise of the ” Enterprise App Store “

With the increasing demand for information, the need for agility, the proliferation of devices (Mobile, Laptops and Desktops),  the convenience of Mobile,  the expectation that many tasks can be performed on a Smartphone or Tablet, etc. -  the times are changing ! Respecting this, Enterprise Apps expand business opportunities by recognizing the power and convenience of mobile - that is … [Read more...]