Mobile Trends, Drivers and Challenges

Mobile Trends, Drivers and Challenges … [Read more...]

App Usage Insights

To attract and retain Users, Apps need to be highly relevant, now  +  evolve and morph to continue being useful - to respect people learn and have different needs over time. .... or risk falling victim to the Mobile Engagement Crisis  -  because the App is not engaging or has very limited appeal -  and the User "clicks away quickly " or " never comes back ". To realize the significant … [Read more...]

Insights on realizing success with Enterprise Apps

Messaging and collaboration Apps are the most valuable since they boost operational efficiency, improve decision making, and provide competitive advantage.  This is according to a new survey of executives commissioned by Adobe where 57 %  of the professionals surveyed said these Mobile Apps are critical to their organizations' success today and for years to come. The survey included responses … [Read more...]

App challenges to avoid (and how to fix them)

1.   23% of users abandon an App after just one use! With almost a quarter of Apps being abandoned quickly, suggestions to have more stickiness with Users include - Engage with users. Use onboarding and smart push notification tactics to drive engagement with those new users. Create a killer onboarding process. Set up a great onboarding experience to help users understand how to use … [Read more...]

287 Billion Reasons The Enterprise App Market Is Growing

Citing the enterprise’s need to connect business processes, a new forecast predicts the enterprise application market will grow rapidly in the next eight years, reaching a $287.7 billion value. According to Global Market Insights, the EA market is expected to nearly double in less than a decade, growing at a rate of 7.6% CAGR between 2016 and 2024. The market was valued at $150 billion in … [Read more...]

Popular Mobile Financial Apps

The financial services industry is changing.  In addition to improving Bank personnel productivity with Apps, Banks are extending Customer self-serve capabilities with new Mobile Services,  reducing tellers, downsizing / changing layouts / closing branches, etc.  An important reason for this is that increasingly people want to manage their affairs, including finances, online rather than making … [Read more...]

Mobile Banking App Innovations

A recent international survey from Bain & Company has highlighted bank customers are increasingly adopting mobile and Apps - with 38% of them interacting with their bank using a smart phone or a tablet in 2014.  With this growth, there is the opportunity for banks to benefit from the "convenience of mobile" and "the power of Apps" to increase relevance and revenue, Customer loyalty, … [Read more...]

Innovative Financial Apps

The winners and finalists of the  Global Banking Innovation Awards  at the BAI Retail Delivery Show are - Product and Service Innovation Finalists: BEA (Hong Kong), CIBC (Canada), Desjardins (Canada), Fidor (Germany), Bank Smart (Poland). Winner: Fidor Bank, Germany. The Fidor Smart Current Account. A free bank account built around an Application Programming Interface (API), the … [Read more...]

How Mobile Saved Nintendo And Killed Yahoo

Yahoos' Fall With Yahoo being acquired by Verizon for $4.8 billion it's the end of a saga about how far from grace the once renowned internet giant Yahoo has fallen. In 2008, Apple officially launched their App Store and introduced us to the world of apps. It transformed the way we interacted with the internet, increasingly accessing tidbits of information through our phone while on the … [Read more...]

Why Banks Are Making More Apps

.... to benefit from the increasing use of mobile for information, transactions, etc. Think of it as living together before getting married.  A couple of financial institutions have recently created Apps to anyone as a way of engaging with people through their phones. The institutions are hoping that the Apps will build trust with their users  -  and those users will eventually become … [Read more...]